Category: LED TVs

The Black Friday sales on televisions have arrived. You may find sales on televisions at any time of the year, but Black Friday is when the best offers are typically offered.

As an added bonus, this year is particularly intriguing because of the dramatic price drop in televisions that occurred during the summer. Example: you can typically find an OLED television for $649. It’s not uncommon to get 55-inch OLED TVs for $949 or less on sale. And now, the least price we’ve seen for a 2022 OLED TV comes at Best Buy, where you can get a 48-inch LG OLED for just $569(opens in new tab). At the same time, large-screen 4K TVs may be purchased for $299 or less on any day of the week.

Black Friday television sales at major shops including Best Buy, Amazon, and Walmart are ringing in cheaper pricing with spectacular sales. See below for the greatest early Black Friday TV deals and a preview of what to look out for in the coming days.