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Projectors will soon go on sale at their lowest prices of the year for Black Friday. As annoying as they can be, holiday sales are the perfect time of year to snag a bargain on a top-tier home projector. After all, who doesn’t enjoy saving money without sacrificing on a product they really want?

These deals are perfect if you’re looking to fill a wall or replace your standard TV with something new this year. There will be something for everyone in the Black Friday projector sales, from 4K monsters and gaming monsters to mid-range devices and those suitable for the World Cup this winter. There is a common phenomenon whereby high-end projectors suddenly become accessible to a far wider audience. As a result of the shift from TVs to projectors as the preferred medium for serious gaming, annual Black Friday sales on this technology have become a fixture in the industry.

But this winter, why should you think about getting a projector? Well, the market is better than ever from a gaming perspective, and you can ditch the TV in favour of a wall-filling game projector that has all the bells and whistles you need. The winter football World Cup in Qatar is a great catalyst for change because, for many people, there is nothing more exciting than watching live sports on television. The gap between the finest projectors and the best televisions for any purpose has narrowed, making a complete switch to a projector something that many people should seriously consider.