CORSAIR ONE Gaming PC Black Friday

Save 20% on CORSAIR ONE Gaming PC Black Friday 2022 & Cyber Monday Deals

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CORSAIR ONE Gaming PC Black Friday 2022 & Cyber Monday Deals: The Corsair One should be a contender if you’re looking for a high-end gaming PC and have a significant budget. The eye-catching and space-saving system, which was first released in 2017 as Corsair’s take on the future of gaming heaters, proved to be a brilliant interpretation of a small-form-factor unit packing a serious punch.

Later iterations made use of the exact same rectangular chassis, and in 2022 Corsair One switches to 9th Gen Intel Core processors and Nvidia GeForce RTX graphics. The retail market offers two options: the $3,400 One i160, which has a Core i9-9900K CPU and RTX 2080 Ti GPU, or the $2,850 One i140, which has a Core i7-9700K CPU and RTX 2080 GPU.

Here are the best CORSAIR ONE Gaming PC Black Friday 2022

CORSAIR ONE Gaming PC Black Friday

Even if the Corsair one-eye-one-sixty is incredibly clumsy, it’s fair to say that the all-metal chassis has held up quite nicely. Over the previous 24 months, not much has changed dramatically, but that’s okay because this desktop remains to be one of the most stylish ones available. The i160 can be seen as a chance to downsize from a traditional tower and looks extremely smart sat on the desk next to a fantastic monitor. Its dimensions of 200mm x 173mm x 380mm continue to impress considering the horsepower inside, and even though it tips the scales at a hefty 7.4kg, the i160 can be viewed as a chance to downsize from a traditional tower.

The limited number of front-facing I/O ports was one small issue with sooner units. Along with the current HDMI output, Corsair has included an audio jack and a second USB 3.1 Type-A port to address this limitation. Although USB Type-C is still not available, we like that the ports have been moved to the machine’s bottom edge because it keeps the wires neater while in use.

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