Intel Core i7 8700K Black Friday

Save 20% on Intel Core i7 8700K Black Friday 2022 & Cyber Monday Deals

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Intel Core i7 8700K Black Friday 2022 & Cyber Monday Deals: Intel has held down nearly every CPU launch since AMD unveiled its Zen processing design, and the company wisely jumped the gun on the introduction of its Coffee Lake processors in light of the arrival of AMD’s Ryzen 2 processors in April.

Here we see Intel’s top 8th Gen processor, the six-core i7 8700K, as an example of how Coffee Lake was developed in reaction to competitors’ recent dramatic increases in the number of cores included in their own CPU designs. However, this is likely just a stopgap measure for Intel’s CPU lineup as the company fights to solve its primary concern: making 10nm transistors that are practical, inexpensive, and dependable.

The Intel Coffee Lake range’s big announcement is the first mainstream core-count promotion in in a decade. In comparison to its predecessor, the Core i7 7700K, which featured four cores and eight threads and was released in January 2017, the Core i7 8700K boasts six cores and twelve threads.

However, its fundamental design remains unchanged from that of the Skylake and Kaby Lake processors we’ve already seen. A better developed 14nm manufacturing technique (jokingly referred to as 14nm++) and the extra cache that two more cores provide are two examples of the small changes made. However, at its core, this is only an improvement of the same old Intel Core design that has been in use for many years.

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Intel Core i7 8700K Black Friday


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