LG B7 4K OLED TV Black Friday (1)

Save 45% on LG B7 4K OLED TV Black Friday 2022 & Cyber Monday Deals

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LG B7 4K OLED TV Black Friday 2022 & Cyber Monday Deals: I have compiled the greatest LG B7 4K OLED TV deals and sales 2022 for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Let’s get right to the point: the LG OLED B7 65-inch was the finest bargain 4K TV on the market in 2022. Although priced lower than the C7, G7, E7, and W7, it is nonetheless equipped with the same panel and image processing technology as its more costly siblings.

There are presently just two potential limitations to this: first, for the same price, you may require the LG OLED65C7, which is virtually identical to the B7 but has slightly better audio capabilities (although, like the B7, it’s best paired with a soundbar or other external audio box). In addition, LG is getting set to release a new line of televisions that will most likely be more expensive, but which will undoubtedly be of higher quality. That’s a tech, though, so cool.

Here are the Best LG B7 4K OLED TV Black Friday 2022

LG B7 4K OLED TV Black Friday (1)



For its price, the B7’s 65-inch monster and 55-inch little brother are HDR steals.

The B7 proves to be one of the most resilient OLEDs available today. The functionality is excellent, and the webOS smart platform on which it runs is a joy to utilise. The fact that it utilises the same picture-processing engine as the more expensive 7-series LG OLEDs is a nice bonus.

As a short summary, this large OLED is incredibly well-made and cheap. We don’t usually go out of our way to say that.


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