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Logic Pro X Black Friday 2022 & Cyber Monday Deals: On July 16th, almost four years to the day after Logic Pro 9, Logic Pro X was made available to the public. This was the longest wait for a major new version of the programme in its 21-year existence. It’s hardly unexpected that Pro X is exclusive to the App Store given that Apple made the decision nearly two years ago to move Logic Pro from a boxed product to a download.

For existing users, the move to the App Store has just one major implication: no upgrade pricing. This is more of an App Store constraint or coverage issue than a decision Apple has taken for Logic Pro in particular.

Perhaps it’s not as outrageous as it seems, but if you already own Logic Pro 9, you’ll have to pay the same price as new Logic users. Upgrades from prior versions of Logic Pro to Logic Pro 8 and Logic Pro 9 were $159 when they were published by Apple as part of Logic Studio. As a result, the cost to upgrade to Logic Pro X is cheaper than the price to upgrade to Logic Pro 9.

Logic Pro X is Apple’s professional alternative to Garageband, the free music creation app that comes preinstalled on all Macs and iOS devices. The $199 package contains hundreds of high-quality audio samples and loops in addition to top-tier virtual instruments, effects, and recording tools. The latest updates to Logic Pro X, such as Flex Pitch (a fully integrated bespoke audio pitch alteration tool) and Drummer (an automatic beat-creating device), have ensured that it remains one of the best software suites in the recording industry.

Apple’s newest updates to the Logic Pro X suite have been directed squarely at major genre producers, with features tailored specifically to electronic music and hip hop. Apple included the cutting-edge Alchemy sample manipulation synth after purchasing Camel Audio in 2015.

However, unlike Garageband, Logic Pro X does have a companion software for iOS devices called Logic Pro Remote, which enables for remote control of transport controls and other features without needing to transfer your entire project to a mobile device.

Since Apple has just released fantastic new improvements to the MacBook Pro, it’s no surprise that the company’s pro apps team has matching updates for Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro ready to go. The new native capability for tracked motion graphics and compatibility with iPhone 13 Cinematic mode footage are two of the most exciting features of Final Cut Pro X.

Here are the best Logic Pro X Black Friday 2022

Logic Pro X Black Friday


On Black Friday and Cyber Monday, what can you anticipate from Logic Pro X?

When it comes to music production software, nobody does it better than Apple’s Logic Pro X. It’s suitable for everybody from budding artists to seasoned veterans wishing to expand their horizons. It’s one of the most complete packages on the market at the moment, with over 70 instrument sounds and 120 plug-ins included by default. Getting a discount on Logic Pro X on Black Friday will streamline your holiday shopping. Hurry now while there are still some left in stock! The best Logic Pro X Black Friday 2022 and Cyber Monday 2022 sales and discounts are detailed above.



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