Samsung HW-MS650 Black Friday

Save 20% on Samsung HW-MS650 Black Friday 2022 & Cyber Monday Deals

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Samsung HW-MS650 Black Friday 2022 & Cyber Monday Deals: This is the most recent iteration of Samsung’s 3-channel soundbar, and it can be upgraded to a full 5.0 platform by adding wireless back speakers. The soundbar’s drivers are optimised for wide dispersion, expanding the stereo image while keeping dialogue in its central speaker. Additionally, the drivers incorporate distortion-cancelling technology and extended excursion technology to produce a deep bass response.

The lack of a dedicated subwoofer and the inclusion of woofer control for bass indicate that this soundbar deserves the Sound+ label. A wide variety of inputs, as well as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and a multiroom app, all contribute to the product’s high build quality. If you look at the soundbar’s pricing and how well it functions, would you say it’s a worthwhile investment?

The Samsung MS650 is an exceptionally well-made soundbar that provides truly superb sound for your TV and movie watching in an easy-to-use box. The point is not to compete with a high-end home theatre system with numerous speakers, an AV receiver, and miles of cabling.

I have compiled the best current offers for the Samsung HW-MS650 soundbar.

Here are the best Samsung HW-MS650 Black Friday 2022

Samsung HW-MS650 Black Friday


Analysis of the Samsung HW-MS650

Samsung’s HW-MS650 Soundbar represents a significant departure from previous practises. To my knowledge, no other single-unit soundbar has ever achieved such uniform brilliance with both film and music, combining raw power with clarity, scale, and (especially) bass. The kind of results it delivers can only be achieved by genuine audio innovation, making it well worth the asking price of $599.

The MS650 breaks new ground for single-body soundbars with its deep, rumbling bass and expansive, coherent soundstage. In comparison to other soundbars, which tend to shine with either music or movies, the MS650 is nearly as good with both types of audio experiences. It’s aesthetically pleasing, and you may choose from several different inputs.

Hi-fi fans may want for a little more stereo clarity and delicacy while listening to calm, basic music, and the MS650’s slightly tall design may be an issue for TVs that rest very low on their stands. However, we can think of no major drawbacks that would cause us to reject the idea.

Now we’re seeing the fruits of Samsung’s “money is no object” campaign to become a serious audio manufacturer. Similar to how the K950 Dolby Atmos system raised the bar for the soundbar with rear speakers and subwoofer market, the £599/$449/R6,800 HW-MS650 Soundbar does the same for the one-body soundbar sector. It excels at both music and movies, and has an impressive range of sound, especially in the bass department, and a seamless ability to move between the two.

Samsung’s HW-MS650 Soundbar is a terrific buy during the Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday sales. A few Samsung Soundbars are available at up to 40 percent off. Here are the best prices we could find for the Samsung HW-MS650 on Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2022.


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