Samsung KS8500 4K TV Black Friday

Save 30% on Samsung KS8500 4K TV Black Friday 2022 & Cyber Monday Deals

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Samsung KS8500 4K TV Black Friday 2022 & Cyber Monday Deals: It provides good image quality for movies, and HDR material is very reactive to video games and has superb movement handling. It can grow very bright and does well with reflections, so it matches even the brightest living room. Unfortunately, when viewed from the side, its appearance degrades.

The feature that sets it apart from its sibling KS8000 series is a curved panel that provides a broader side viewing angle. However, it is also sold at a higher price than its sibling. The KS8500 offers a more affordable price while maintaining performance that was only somewhat inferior to that of the top version 9 series. But regretfully, Samsung did not incorporate 3D technology into its lineup in 2016, including the KS8500 series. Although it is regrettable, Samsung had its own motive for leaving 3D technology out of its 2016 lineup.

The KS8500 series’ key innovations would be the quantum dot panel. Samsung foresaw this technology in 2015 with “Nano Crystal Color.” The benefits include its ability to deliver more than 1 billion different shades of colour and its ability to cover more than 93 percent of the DCI P3 colour space. Compared to other TVs, which only offer roughly 16 million shades of colour using an 8-bit colour system. This will undoubtedly make the image that is generated appear more colourful and natural.

Here are the Best Samsung KS8500 4K TV Black Friday 2022


Samsung KS8500 4K TV Black Friday

On the Samsung KS8500 4K UHD Smart LED TV, view YouTube videos:

During the Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday sales, Samsung offers a respectable discount on the Samsung KS8500 4K TV. On a certain Samsung TV models, you can save up to 44%. See the top Samsung KS8500 Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers 2022 above for more information.


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