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Save 25% on Samsung Q9FN Black Friday 2022 & Cyber Monday Deals

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Samsung Q9FN Black Friday 2022 & Cyber Monday Deals: The highest-end QLED LCD TV from Samsung, the Q9F, provides exceptional performance for mixed use. Deeply dark sceneries are produced in dark spaces by the high native contrast ratio and excellent local dimming, while glare is reduced in bright spaces by the superior anti-reflective coating and high peak brightness. Unfortunately, due to uneven display areas, there is a dirty screen impression visible when watching sports, and an angled view causes the image to lose precision.

Samsung QLED TVs have garnered attention ever since the company began to promote the technology, but it’s possible that the company has struggled to lure customers and critics away from OLED in the high-end/affordable premium TV market.

That all changes today, though.

When you thought OLED had taken over the top TV market, this noticeably perfect flatscreen enters the scene and re-calibrates the image.

The outstanding performance of this Q9FN is largely due to its unique full array backlight. Samsung’s 2017 models were edge-lit, but the Q9FN makes use of FALD local dimming technology. It can handle high HDR and handle black levels more precisely than an edge-lit set as a result.

This Ultra HD Premium certified TV has excellent picture quality. While native 4K footage is rich in texture and detail, HD appears spotless.

Even while there are an increasing number of 4K sources, it’s likely that you’ll still be watching most of your stuff in HD. The Q9FN upscaling is excellent. The higher pixel density is great if you’re sitting a little closer, which you should be with 4K, and images are clear without jaggies.

However, it goes without saying that UHD content shines the brightest. The Q9FN has no issues taking advantage of the settlement jump. Skin tones are consistent across our suggested presets, and colour vibrancy is great.

There are just Dynamic, Standard, Natural, and Movie picture presets. Three of these are sufficient for the majority of articles, while the Film mode somewhat reduces brightness. Although this may be seen as more “cinematic,” it also makes it easier to notice good 4K detail. It doesn’t take much to ensure excellent viewing, except from turning off all the Eco options.

Here are the Best Samsung Q9FN Black Friday 2022

Samsung Q9FN Black Friday


Additionally, the set is completely set up to deliver an HDR viewing experience in a space with average ambient light. No matter what time of day you sit down to watch, it is impressive. You will need an HDR source, though, as HDR+ Mode attempts to improve SDR content but is not very effective.

For an LED LCD, the black level performance is surprising. Although the blackness isn’t nearly as deep as OLED, the shortfall isn’t particularly noticeable. Black padded bars really do resemble the purest ebony in low light.

Only in very rare instances do brilliant objects exhibit blooming or halo effects from the FALD backlight. A new dimming algorithm does an amazing job of maintaining sharp contrast and detail.

The Q9FN pulls off the endearing trick of being able to produce fine black detail while employing the headroom for spectacularly brilliant highlights. Contrast is maintained in rooms with high ambient illumination using an anti-reflective filter.

The set often handles motion well. It does a nice job of maintaining detail in the Automobile Motion Plus style, but there are a fair number of movement artefacts as well. The Custom method is preferable, with Blur set to roughly 10 and Judder to little more than 4. This preserves detail while assisting in preventing movement smudging.

Another alternative is to inject a black frame using LED Clear Motion, but this is not advised because it darkens the picture and adds unwatchable levels of flicker.

You’re in luck if you enjoy video games. Even fast-paced FPS shooters won’t be affected by the screen because I measured input lag in Game Mode at just 13ms (make sure Game Mode Plus is turned Off).

The full array lighting also gave Samsung the opportunity to incorporate a reasonably potent sound system that gives both quantity and weight, which is a bonus benefit. However, because of how monophonic the sound presentation is, we still advise sooner or later switching to a separate sound system.

Excellent screen uniformity. Compared to the FALD Sony ZD9 competitor, the Q9FN boasts a sizable number of LED clusters.

During the Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday sales, Samsung offers a respectable discount on the Samsung Q9FN 4K TV. On a certain Samsung TV models, you can save up to 44%. The top Samsung Q9FN Black Friday and Cyber Monday bargains for 2022 can be found above.



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