Sony KD70X690E 4K TV Black Friday

Save 20% on Sony KD70X690E 4K TV Black Friday 2022 and Cyber Monday Deals

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Sony KD70X690E 4K TV Black Friday 2022 and Cyber Monday Deals: Sony’s X690E (KD-70X690E) is a huge television, measuring more than 5 feet in width. It also has a huge amount of screen real estate. The price of 4K panels has decreased drastically, making extremely large TVs more affordable than ever. This is because Ultra HD quality makes larger screens more watchable by increasing the pixel density. Even more impressive is the fact that a screen of this size actually enhances the viewing experience.

However, there is more to a TV than its screen size, and the X690E left us wanting in terms of performance, smart TV features, and general satisfaction.

The Sony X690E is a respectable mid-range 4K TV that won’t disappoint anyone in search of a massive screen. The picture and sound aren’t great, but they’re serviceable, and the feature set isn’t nearly as fascinating as what you’d get with other Sony models. The price of this set comes from the massive 70-inch screen, but $1,299 isn’t too awful considering the TV’s size: it’s more than half a metre and a half long from corner to corner.

While this Sony TV has a sizable display and a fair number of useful features, the design choices that went into the TV’s remote and menus are puzzling and make it difficult to take advantage of the TV’s potential benefits. Consider the 65-inch Samsung MU7000 or Sony’s own XBR-65X900E if you want a similar-sized monitor without the frustrating menus and underwhelming performance. Both of those packages provide superior functionality and an improved user experience at a low cost.

Here are the Best Sony KD70X690E 4K TV Black Friday 2022

Sony KD70X690E 4K TV Black Friday



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