Synology DS218+ NAS Black Friday

Save 25% on Synology DS218+ NAS Black Friday 2022 and Cyber Monday Deals

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Synology DS218+ NAS Black Friday 2022 and Cyber Monday Deals: The most popular justification for investing in a NAS device for the home is the desire to retain administrative powers over one’s data, rather than sending it off to a cloud service provider like Amazon or Google. In addition to data storage, current NAS devices provide a wide range of other services, applications, and functions, such as Plex, web servers, logging stations, databases, and much more.

Recently, Synology announced three new apps compatible with the DSM operating system, which is used by all Synology NAS systems. The first is the Drive, an overhaul of the company’s Cloud Station Suite. So that all of your files can be stored on the NAS, it provides a system for locating and synchronising data across numerous devices. What does the Synology DS218+ have to offer? Let’s take a look.

Here are the best Synology DS218+ NAS Black Friday 2022

Synology DS218+ NAS Black Friday

Black Friday Deals on the Synology DS218+ NAS: A Review

By nature, a NAS’s internals are accessible once the disc trays have been removed; for example, the DiskStation DS218+ has a RAM expansion slot that can hold up to 4 GB of additional memory (it supports DDR3 and for a better compatibility, you should go for CL13, 1866MHz). You’ll need to take the casing apart in its entirety if you want to upgrade the memory from its current 2 GB. In order to do this, you’ll need to unhinge the two pieces of plastic that make up the hinge (be careful not to damage them). It’s important to highlight this safety precaution.

Once you’ve removed all the screws and exposed the PCB, you’ll see that removing the RAM is a breeze. Unfortunately, doing so will lose your warranty. The DDR3L 1866 2GB CL13 RAM, the 2.0GHz dual-core Intel Celeron J3355 (with a 2.5GHz boost), the 16MB of NOR flash (Winbond 25Q128FWSQ), the Intel Ethernet ICs Controller IEEE 10/100/1000Mbps (1718AHP WGI211AT), the Marvell Kynix 88SE9170-NNX2 PAOU63OA 5JW IC, and the Intel Ethernet ICs Controller IEEE 10/100/

Following the addition of the hard disc drives (or solid state drives) to the trays and their subsequent re-insertion into the NAS, the power cable may be plugged in and the device can be powered on. To continue, connect an Ethernet cable (your own, as Synology did not include one) into the DS218rear, +’s and then into a LAN port on your router.

Launch a web browser on a machine sharing the same network as the NAS, then type in When you click it, you should be sent straight to the Web Assistant (if the NAS is not detected, you can also try entering diskstation:5000 in the URL). Before you hit Connect, Set up, and Install Now to update to the newest version of DSM, remember that any HDD or SSD you have plugged into the NAS will have its contents erased when the operating system is loaded.

The setup process is estimated to take 10 minutes, but I had it all set up in a little over three. Now is the time to fill in the Server Name, Username, and Password that will be shown when accessing the NAS from any network device. Hackers commonly target NAS devices, so it’s important to protect them with a robust password and stay away from the default “admin” login (or anything universally used as a default).

In order to connect to the DS218+ remotely without employing port forwarding, you can then install a number of suggested packages and set up QuickConnect (yes, DSM OS allows you to install any type of package you want, therefore supporting a large degree of customization).

Conclusion: Synology DS218+ NAS Black Friday Sales 2022

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are great times to purchase a Synology DS218+ because of the steep discounts offered by Synology. Black Friday sales on Synology NAS have begun. You can save $70 on the already cheap price of a Synology DS218+ 2-Bay Diskless System by ordering it now. Further drives for this NAS can be purchased with no additional hard drive installation required on your part, and Synology would gladly perform this service for you. There is still time to take advantage of today’s sales. Check out the top Synology DS218+ Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals 2022 above to save up to 40% on certain Synology NAS.


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