Synology DS918+ NAS Black Friday

Save 25% on Synology DS918+ NAS Black Friday 2022 & Cyber Monday Deals

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Synology DS918+ NAS Black Friday 2022 & Cyber Monday Deals: The Synology DiskStation, powered by a robust quad-core CPU, is the perfect compact and dependable shared storage alternative for process-intensive workloads at home or in small businesses. About 2 million can be supported by the DS918+. There are two NVMe 2280 SSDs, which can be used to generate system cache quickly without taking up any internal drive slots. The DS918+ incorporates Btrfs as its file system, providing the most cutting-edge storage technology to address the management requirements of small businesses.

Do you need a Black Friday deal on a Synology DS918+ NAS? If so, you’ll be happy to hear that we offer some very attractive discounts that should meet all of your requirements. Synology is well recognised as a leading provider of innovative and reliable network storage systems. Synology products are built with the consumer in mind and provide top-notch functionality for any requirement.

They provide extensive surveillance options and make it simple to share and back up data across various platforms and devices. Synology devices can also be used as a centralised backup solution or as a media server in the house. You can expect nothing but the best with these Black Friday prices on Synology DS918+ NAS. Save a tonne of money on a Synology DS918+ by taking advantage of the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers below.

Here are the best Synology DS918+ NAS Black Friday 2022

Synology DS918+ NAS Black Friday


Black Friday Deals on the Synology DS918+ NAS: a Review

The DiskStation DS918+ is Synology’s most up-to-date tower NAS model, and it features four hard drives. This model has four 3.5″ bays and two M.2 NVMe slots on the bottom for caching. Access to the internet is provided via two 1GbE ports. The DS918+ is an excellent choice for small and medium-sized businesses in need of a NAS with high performance. As a bonus, its storage capacity can be easily expanded, providing businesses with a cost-effective means of keeping up with rapid growth.

The DS918+, which features a quad-core Intel Celeron J3455 processor and 4GB of RAM that can be expanded to 8GB, is said to be capable of providing up to 225MB/s read and 221MB/s write speeds for encrypted files via the AES-NI hardware encryption engine. Additionally, the DS918+ is the perfect option for the creative professional because it can transcode two channels of 4K H.265/H.264 videos simultaneously.

DiskStation Manager, a proprietary operating system from Synology, is included with the DiskStation DS918+ (DSM) (DSM). It still holds true that DSM is one of the most user-friendly operating systems available right now, as we’ve stated numerous times in previous reviews. In addition to offering both enterprise and consumer applications, which makes it appropriate for almost any environment, it is also incredibly easy to set up, making it a foolproof device for even the most inexperienced users.

There are many DSM applications that are useful for this model. Video Station and Audio Station are great for professionals in the arts for the reasons mentioned above. DSM also offers a wide range of virtualization tools, including those that are certified to work with VMware, Windows Server 2016, Citrix, and OpenStack Cinder.

Conclusion: Synology DS918+ NAS Black Friday Deals & Cyber Monday Sale

Synology DS918+ NAS Black Friday Deals and Sale are live now. Browse the deals that we have to offer, or visit our website for more information on how you can get started with a high-quality Synology device today. Synology provides a good discount on Synology DS918+ during Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday sales. There is a 10% price cut across the board, so now is a good time to stock up on storage solutions like the Synology DiskStation 918+, which features a fast CPU (Intel Celeron J3455) and a strong encryption system (AES-NI hardware encryption engine).

Whether you want to back up your phone at home so it’s safe when you’re away, or share information in real time between multiple devices, you can do both with this device. Take advantage of these offers while you still can! Get it done quickly while there’s still a chance! We hope you’ve found this post useful as you consider buying a NAS for the holidays. Best wishes on your shopping expedition!


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